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Celebrating Rich Mexican Bird Biodiversity through Artist’s Dual Biologist Perspective

CHICAGO- La Llorona Gallery will premiere Tropical Birds of Mexico by Marco Antonio Pineda Maldonado on May 3rd-13th 2024, with the opening ceremony to be held on May 3rd from 6 pm-11 pm. This exhibition is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of birds that inhabit tropical regions of Mexico and a showcase of Latin American culture.

Marco Antonio Pineda Maldonado was born in Mexico City and is both a biologist with a master’s degree and a self trained artist. For 32 years, he has freelanced as a biological illustrator for public and private Mexican and foreign institutions. His illustrations cover themes related to plants and animals, which appear in scientific articles, magazines and journals such as National Geographic, and more.

“The exposition showcases the geological climate conditions and enormous biodiversity that favor Mexico, thus classifying it as a megadiverse country of the world,” said the artist, Marco Antonio Pineda Maldonado. “The relationship between several bird species and their habitat of Mexican tropical zones is portrayed from a natural history point of view, as well as a visual of a wide spectrum of colors and forms.”

Tropical Birds of Mexico includes 20 acrylic canvas paintings, 23 inches by 16 inches, available for sale.

Gallery and Curator information:

Since 1996, La Llorona Art Gallery has been a purveyor of fine Latin American Art presenting museum-quality curated exhibitions that present themes, information, and art rarely shown in commercial galleries. Tropical Birds of Mexico will be a farewell exhibition to be followed by an exclusively online gallery presence.

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